What does the Laguna Yacht Club offer today and what are our plans for the future?

The LYC is a yacht club in Balatonfűzfő, with a long history and tradition, but with recently modernized facilities. The environment of the port is breathtaking; In the middle of a national park, with a long beach, surrounded by quietness and tranquility. All conditions are perfect to  operate a well-equipped marina for 117 yachts on water plus 35 on land, if necessary.

  • Our decades-old sailing club is a key pillar for competition sailing, summer camps for the young generation and for organizing sailing races.
  • Our traditional angler’s association provides an ideal framework for hundreds of anglers within our club. With special fishing piers, untouched natural coastline and designated spaces for fishing boats the Laguna Yacht Club is the dream of every angler.
  • The lovers of windsurfing have also set their foot in our marina. The Hungarian Surf Academy (MSZA) which is our surfing association – with several Olympic and National champions as coaches – is a dominant center of surfing life around the lake. We can provide an ideal place for the many summer camps and competitions and we can say without exaggeration that MSZA became one of the best suppliers of the new generation of windsurfers.
  • The hungry ones don’t need to leave the marina either. The Bárka Bistro, our garden restaurant, is an ideal place for them, equipped with 65 seats and with a fantastic view on the lake. A variety of meals will spoil those who came back from the water, or just want to enjoy a culinary experience.
  • Those who still have some energy left after sailing, windsurfing or fishing, can enjoy our beach volleyball court next to the lake. Or if you prefer to play football, the grass pitch is all yours!
  • If our guests prefer to sleep on the land, instead of their yachts, they can choose from our en-suite apartments (equipped for a total of 12 guests), or if they only need a bed than they can spend the night in the 80-year-old, historical building that can accommodate  44 people.
  • Finally, if somebody really wants feel home during the night, he can bring his RV to the specially designated place for this  and enjoy the holiday in his own house.

We hope that we could provide many reasons why those should come to us, who hope to buy a waterside apartment in a fantastic environment with great services!

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