The location

“The middle of perfect nature, the greenest yacht club of the lake” is in our case really no exaggeration. The location and the surroundings are extraordinary. We can truly say that the atmosphere, the aura and the location make the Laguna Yacht Club a truly unique and special place on the northern shore of Lake Balaton.

The apartment house will be built directly at the edge of the lake, in the middle of a 11.000 square-meter green park. The ground where the apartment house will be based is bordered on the South by the smooth water of the lake, on the East by the 500 meter long lagoon-like marina – with a  surface area of 500 meters x 35 meters – and on the West by an exceptional 25-hectare large national park. This Natura 2000 area is excluded from any real estate development so the silence of nature and the soft sounds of birds will be ensured for the decades coming.  The center of the Laguna Yacht Club is based East of the lagoon,  in the middle of a 11 hectare green area where further improvements are planned (see details for this later on). Both sides of the port will be connected by a specially designed, 35 meter long swing footbridge.

How to get here?

If we had to describe it in one word: Easily. We are based at the gate of the North shore of the lake, just 15 minutes away from the best wine regions of the country and just 10 minutes away from the magnificent 800 year old historic town of Veszprém with its beautiful medieval castle and its diverse and stylish restaurants. It’s also important to note that Budapest is also less than an hour away and its international airport is only 1 hour 15 minutes. (Shorter than the distance between London’s, Moscow’s or Milan’s airport and city center..)


Few people know how many special and unique features the Bay of Balatonfűzfő has. It is based at the northernmost tip of the lake. The north-western winds, coming from the mountains of Bakony reach the lake exactly at this bay thus creating excellent conditions for surfing, sailing or for flying a kite. The traditional long haul swimming competition of the bay also starts in this town. The untouched nature with the grass reeds and rushes, home for many protected animal species also contributes to the uniqueness of the place.

Why is this the best place?

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